On-line Partial Discharge FAQ

Have some questions about Partial Discharge? Why not check the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below? You might find answers to most of your questions.

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IPEC PD Monitoring Systems

  1. Q1. What PD monitoring systems do IPEC offer?

    IPEC PD Monitoring Systems:

    • PD Alarm: 4 channel PD monitoring system for AIS (Air-insulated switchgear)
    • ASM: 4 to 128 channels Short/Long term PD monitoring for cable, AIS, GIS, and dry-type transformer
  2. Q2. Can on-line PD monitoring be used on transformer HV bushing?
    Yes, HV bushing monitoring is possible where the bushing has a bushing tap. In this case, a simple adaptor is used to connect directly to the PD Monitoring system. Normally each bushing would be monitored separately.
  3. Q3. How often should on-line PD monitoring systems be inspected or calibrated when they are in service?

    We normally recommend a full health check which includes calibration every 24 months.

    The monitors have built-in system diagnostics that continually check the PD monitor health and raise an alarm if maintenance is required.

  4. Q4. Can end-user perform reliability analysis with the system? Is it possible to export data?

    The PD data can be analysed in detail using the many graphing tools on the iSM website.

    Data can also be exported in .csv format if required